Proxy Access Management Student FAQ

Q: When am I able to begin using the proxy system?

A:  Newly admitted students receive access as soon as they register for courses.  Access is not removed during a student's time at the college.

Q: What types of information will I be able to share with my proxy? 

A: Students may select any or all of the following information items with a proxy:

  • Financial Aid information (Aid Status, Academic Progress, Award History)
  • Personal Information (Addresses, E-mail, Emergency Contacts)
  • Registration Information (Schedule)
  • Student Records Information (Midterm Grades, Final Grades, Unofficial Transcript, Holds)

Q:  Does sharing access mean that my proxy can speak to someone at the College of Charleston about this information?

A: No, proxy access does not authorize College of Charleston personnel to communicate with authorized proxies. To authorize this type of communication, students must complete a FERPA Consent Form. For more information on FERPA, please visit

Q: Why can't I use the same e-mail address for my mom and dad or guardians?

A: The unique identifier for the proxy is the e-mail address. An email address can only be associated with one person.

Q: I am selecting items I want my proxy to see, but where is the save button?

A: The functionality on the Authorization web page where you select the items that you want your proxy to see saves your selection immediately upon each click. There is no save button. To view your activity, select the History tab to view the most recent actions and you should see record that you selected the authorizations.

Q:  How long will I have access to the Proxy Access Management system?

A:  The Proxy Access Management system is available for current students only.

Q: How long will my proxy have access to the system?

A: The student controls how long a proxy has access to the system.  Students may revoke access at any time.  Students should review their proxy authorizations and expiration dates each semester.

Q: I no longer want my proxy to have any access to my information. What can I do?

A: Access to information can be removed in several ways. You can change the Stop Date on the Profile tab or you can remove all checkmarks on the "Authorization" tab or you can use the Delete Proxy button.

Q: When using the system I got an error saying that a "break-in attempt" had occurred.  What should I do and how do I prevent this from happening again?

A: A break-in attempt can occur when the system is still processing and receives multiple commands (i.e. clicking the submit button more than once).  To prevent this from happening, allow the system a few seconds after clicking submission buttons to complete the action.  If you experience a break-in attempt, please close your browser and login again to MyCharleston.