Proxy Access Management

Current College of Charleston students have the ability to electronically share certain academic and financial aid information with a parent or guardian.  Newly admitted students receive access as soon as they register for courses.

The Proxy Access Management service in Self-Service Banner provides students with a way to designate proxy access to trusted users to view selected student information. By setting up proxy access the student is giving consent for specified individuals to view academic information from their student record online. The student is able to modify the access rights and valid date ranges as well as view a log of the most recent activity.  Students may select any or all of the following information items with a proxy:

  • Financial Aid information (Aid Status, Academic Progress, Award Offer, Notifications)
  • Student Profile Information (Majors, Minors, Emergency Contact Information, Hours Earned, GPA)
  • Student Detailed Schedule
  • Student Records Information  (Midterm Grades, Final Grades, Holds)

NOTE: Proxy access does not authorize College of Charleston personnel to communicate with authorized proxies. To authorize this type of communication, students must complete a FERPA Consent Form. For more information on FERPA, please visit

Additional Resources

Authorized proxy users  Login to the Proxy Access Management here.