One Stop Answers for Common Student Requests

How can we help you?

We have compiled helpful lists of the most commonly submitted Registrar's Office questions and requests along with their answers.  Click on the appropriate link below to get started.

Degree Planning

Where is my degree audit located?

How can I declare or change  my undergraduate major?

How can I update the catalog year for my undergraduate major/minor?

Where can I find a copy of the academic catalog?

What are the undergraduate general education degree requirements?


What is FERPA?

I do not want the College to disclose directory information 
from my education records 
without my permission.

Proxy Access Management

How can I electronically share certain information (i.e. grades, financial aid, my schedule) with a parent or guardian?

What is Proxy Access Management?


What grading system does 
CofC use?

How can I earn faculty honors 
(i.e. Dean's List)?


Please visit our Tutorials/Help/FAQs page.

The Help & Training tab in MyCharleson also contains helpful tutorials, quick guides and training materials pertaining to student functions.


How do I apply to graduate?

How will I know if I am cleared to graduate?

I already applied to graduate 
but need to make changes to 
my undergraduate program of study.

I have applied to graduate but cannot register for a summer term.

I have a question about my diploma.


I want to walk in the May ceremony but will still need additional coursework after 
the spring term.  Can I do 

I am graduating in the fall/spring/summer and I want to walk in the December/May ceremony.  Where can I get commencement information?

Registration (courses)

When can I register for classes?

What is this hold on my account?

How do I drop or withdraw from a course? (PDF)

I want to repeat a passed course.

I want to request permission
to take more than 18 credit hours.

How do I register for a Bachelor's Essay or Individual Enrollment course?

I am looking for 60+ Tuition Exemption (senior citizen) registration information.