Degree Works

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is the College of Charleston’s online degree audit and academic advising tool that supports students and their advisors in successfully navigating, tracking, and planning degree completion. Degree Works provides students with access to information regarding their current program(s) of study including institutional, general education, major (with concentration, cognate or track, if applicable), minor, and/or certificate requirements.

Degree Works is designed to enhance the academic advisement process but is not intended to take the place of an advisor. Degree Works is neither an official academic transcript nor an official confirmation of degree and/or certificate completion.  

Where can I find Degree Works?

Students and their advisors have access to Degree Works via MyPortal.

  • Students:  The Degree Works tile is located on the Student Profile in the College of Charleston Member. 
  • Faculty/Staff:  The Degree Works tile is located on the Faculty, Advisors, Staff & Administration Profile in the College of Charleston Member.


What are the benefits of using Degree Works?

When using Degree Works, students are able to:

  • Plan and track the most effective path to graduation in partnership with their advisor
  • Monitor progress toward graduation with real-time information
  • Learn the degree requirements for their major(s), minor(s), and/or certificate(s).
  • View how all completed courses apply to degree and/or certificate requirements
  • Identify courses needed to complete their degree(s) and/or certificate(s)
  • View grades, academic standing, cumulative grade-point-average (GPA), and major GPA
  • View College of Charleston and transfer credit hours earned
  • Calculate a GPA based on their performance for the term or the grade combination(s) needed to achieve a goal GPA
  • Plan for registration in future semesters
  • Create What-If audits to determine how current coursework would be used if a different major was selected
  • And more...!

What if I think there is a discrepancy on my degree audit?

A student’s degree audit is an unofficial check of the requirements they have completed and the requirements they have remaining.  While unofficial, it should be an accurate reflection of their progress in meeting degree requirements.   If a student believes there is an error in their degree audit, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Office of the Registrar (  

Will my degree audit clear me for graduation?

Students and their advisors may use Degree Works to view and track a student's progress toward meeting graduation requirements, but it is not an official degree audit.  Official final degree audits are only performed by the Office of the Registrar at the time a student applies for graduation.  Please visit Graduation Information for graduation and commencement eligibility requirements.

Where can I access additional resources for navigating Degree Works?

Degree Works support resources (procedure manual, quick guides, FAQ, etc.) are located on the Office of the Registrar Hub via the Faculty & Staff Resources.  You can also e-mail us: