Course Repetition Policy

It is the policy of the College of Charleston that students may repeat up to 12 credit hours of passed coursework excluding:

  • Prerequisite courses for passed courses (Repeat Exclude)
  • Courses which have catalog restrictions due to duplication of subject material (Repeat Exclude)

There are two types of transcript coding for repeated courses:

  • Repeat Include - Grade will be calculated into total GPA (not averaged with prior grade), but student will not receive earned hours for this course. Courses are graded RA-RF.
  • Repeat Exclude - Grade will not be calculated into GPA nor will earned hours, quality hours, or quality points be awarded. Courses are graded XA-XF.

A passed course may be repeated only once for a grade. A course withdrawal (“W”) is not a grade. A subsequent registration will result in a drop. Repetition of passed courses will not increase earned hours, but students will receive quality hours and quality points in order to calculate the grade of the repeated course into the overall GPA. All grades earned will be taken into consideration when the GPA is calculated and all grades earned appear on the student’s transcript. Repeated course grade points will not be used to calculate honors at graduation, and do not replace previously earned grades.

Scholarship students (academic and athletic), financial aid students, and veterans may repeat courses under this policy; however, they should check with the Departments of Financial Aid or Athletics to see how this will affect their eligibility.

Registration through MyCharleston for repeated duplicate courses can only occur if the student completes and submits a Repeat Course Override Request Form to the Office of the Registrar (found on the Registrar’s Office website under Forms). The Registrar’s Office will process the override and register the student for the course (pending course availability).

General Repeat Rules

This is not a complete list of specific situations resulting in repeated or duplicate coursework.  General course repeat rules can be found in the Academic Regulations section of the undergraduate catalog.  Please be sure to consult your personal degree audit, the specific course descriptions in the academic catalog, and your advisor for additional information regarding specific course repetition rules.

  • Upper-Level Coursework: A student in some cases may not take lower-level coursework for credit after completing similar upper-level coursework.  Students must check the individual course descriptions and/or departments for restrictions.
  • Cross-Listed Courses: A student may not take cross-listed courses and receive credit for both courses.
  • Special Topics Courses: A student in some cases may have limitations on the credits repeatable in specific special topics courses. See individual department listings and course descriptions for further information.
  • Honors and Regular Courses: A student may not take both an Honors course and the regular course equivalent and receive credit for both.