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Academic Calendars

The Academic Calendars apply to all credit-bearing courses offered, regardless of the location of instruction or the mode of delivery.  Consistent with all applicable laws, any weekend day or designated holiday may be used as a storm makeup day in the event of an inclement weather cancellation of classes.

Current & Future Calendars

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Final Exam Schedules

Final Exams and Major Tests During the Last Week of Classes

No major test or final examination may be given during the last week of classes (seven days prior to the designated last day of classes). A major test is defined as an examination worth 20% or more of the final course grade. No test, exam, or other assignment of any weight may be given on or due on Reading Day. Other assignments, such as semester-long projects, quizzes, homework and papers may be due during the last week of classes or during the regularly scheduled final exam period.

This policy does not apply to final laboratory examinations, oral examinations, portfolio or exhibition critiques, individual or group in-class presentations, performance courses, activity classes, bachelor’s essays, tutorials, and/or independent study projects. In exceptional circumstances, the Provost (or Provost’s designee) may waive these restrictions.

Current & Future Exam Schedules (Dates and times are subject to change.  Please consult this webpage on a frequent basis.

Past Exam Schedules