Academic Catalogs

Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

The College of Charleston Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs serve as a guide to the academic requirements, institutional policies, and programs of study particular to the institution. Catalogs are not a contract. The College of Charleston may change any of the information, policies, academic regulations, programs of study, or procedures set forth in the Catalogs. Catalogs published online are official catalogs of the College of Charleston.

Catalog years prior to the current year are archived online within the CofC Catalog System dating back to 2007 (catalogs prior to 2016 are only available in PDF format).  For access to catalogs prior to 2007, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Students are accountable for the information, policies, rules, academic regulations, and procedures described in the Undergraduate and/or Graduate Catalog. Additional information or clarification of any policy or procedure may be obtained from the specified office.

The College of Charleston catalogs may be accessed through the CofC Catalog System.