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Transfer from SC Schools

Transfer from South Carolina Colleges and Universities

The South Carolina Transfer Articulation Agreement identifies 86 courses guaranteed to transfer among and between public colleges and universities within South Carolina.  A list of South Carolina two-year public college courses, including these 86, which have been identified as transferrable to College of Charleston is available through the following links: 

Students admitted or readmitted prior to Fall 2015
Students admitted or readmitted Fall 2015 or later

Unofficial information about transfer of courses to the College of Charleston from other South Carolina colleges/universities is available through the Transfer Equivalency Database, which contains a history of how courses from United States institutions have transferred to the College of Charleston.

Additional information about transfer courses to the College of Charleston from other South Carolina colleges/universities is available online through SC TRAC.  Please note that the information on SC TRAC is informational and does not replace an official transfer credit evaluation which is completed after an applicant has been accepted to the College of Charleston. 

SC Technical College Degree Completion Recommendation Guides

Students should, with the assistance of an academic advisor at their Technical College, plan their academic programs to meet the requirements of the college or university to which they desire to transfer. Click on the appropriate link below to view degree completion recommendations for Schools at the College of Charleston.  These lists do not include every technical college course that is available for transfer to the College of Charleston.  Students are not required to take all courses listed prior to transferring. Rather, it is a guide for you and your advisor(s). 

Remember, courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher in order to be considered for transfer credit. The maximum number of transfer credits that may be applied to the requirements for a College of Charleston bachelor’s degree from two-year schools is sixty (60) total credit hours.

Catalog Year 2015-2016