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Transfer Credit

A final transcript is required from each college or university attended, whether or not credit was earned or courses completed. Failure to provide information regarding each college or university attended or failure to submit transcripts may result in withdrawal of any offer of admission, restrictions on registration and/or dismissal from the College.

The College's policy on transferring academic credits from other institutions is established by the designated faculty in each academic discipline.  In general, transfer credit is awarded when the course is:

• earned at a school accredited by a regional accreditation association
• graded at least a “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale)
• similar in description to the corresponding course at the College of Charleston
• not a duplication of credits already earned

Coursework over ten years old is subject to an additional review to determine if transfer credit will be awarded.

The maximum number of transfer credits acceptable toward a College of Charleston degree is ninety-two (92) total credit hours.

The maximum number of transfer credits acceptable toward a College of Charleston degree from two-year schools is sixty (60) total credit hours.

Effective with courses taken Fall 2015 forward, students may decline transfer credit in order to take a course at another insitution without going over the maximum hours of transfer credit allowed.

Grades do not transfer, only credits; therefore, students will enter the College of Charleston without a grade point average (GPA).

Credits awarded at another institution as a result of placement testing are not acceptable.  In addition, the College of Charleston does not award transfer credit for life experience and/or work experience gained prior to admission.  Transfer credit is also not awarded for military training or for non-credit bearing coursework completed toward a professional certificate.

The College of Charleston operates on a semester system. The following table may be used to determine semester hour equivalents of courses taken from a quarter hour system:

Quarter Hours Semester Hours
6 4
5 3
4 3
3 2
2 1
1 1

Note:  College of Charleston rounds half credit hours up to the next whole number. (For example, a half credit from another school would equal one credit hour at College of Charleston.)

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