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Teacher Recertification


Professional Development Courses (EDPD) are taken through the College of Charleston Office of Professional Development in Education (OPDE). The OPDE provides professionally oriented graduate courses in collaboration with schools, districts, and other agencies which offer professional development experiences for educators. Credit for a course of this type does not count toward completion of a College of Charleston curriculum program. However credit can count towards Teacher Recertification.

Professional Development courses do not follow the College's regular semester timetable.  OPDE will work closely with the Course Initiators to increase the efficiency of the registration process with course instructors.  The Instructor is in charge of awarding the final grades and entering them on MyCharleston. This individual, in most cases, teaches most of the course or is in charge of other adjuncts who may help teach the course.


PDE students may request their course credit earned to be sent to their school, district, other institution, or Office of Teacher Recertification.

Check the Registrar’s Transcript webpage for instructions and options for requesting your College of Charleston transcript.

  • When requesting an official transcript, PDE students should NOT select the “Hold for Gradesoption since these courses do not function under the College of Charleston Academic Calendar.  Therefore we cannot ensure the grades would be listed by a given date.

For information or questions regarding the content of your transcript or other PDE records including grades, course information, or years attended, check your records online through MyCharleston, contact the instructor of the course in question, or contact the Office of Professional Development in Education (OPDE) .

MyCharleston is your portal to everything College of Charleston!  All students, past and present, can access all College of Charleston student records, including view Unofficial Transcript, and submit a request Official Transcripts.