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Hold Transcript Until Final Grades or Degrees Post

The “Hold for Grades” and “Hold for Degrees” options on the Transcript Request allow a student to submit a transcript request early, but not have the transcript mailed until the end of the current semester when final grades and degrees are posted.  During the summer, final grades for all summer terms and degrees are posted at the end of the last summer term in August.  Please note that these functions are only applicable to currently enrolled students.  Please check the College of Charleston Academic Calendar for important dates throughout the semester.

Posting of final grades is the responsibility of the professor of each course.  Each student selecting one of these options should verify with their professors at the end of the term that there will be no grading delay.  Please check your unofficial transcript on MyCharleston after grades are available to students to ensure the grades have posted correctly.  If your grades are not posted correctly, please contact your professor to resolve any issues.

Teacher Recertification students should not select these options since terms and grades for these courses may not follow the Academic Calendar.  Therefore, we cannot ensure the grades would be listed by a given date.  Be sure to check your unofficial transcript to verify course information and grade postings.

Please note, the "Hold for Grades" and "Hold for Degrees" options should not be used after the date degrees are posted for the semester; this may result in your transcript being held until the end of the subsequent semester.  The degree posting date is published on the Academic Calendar.