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Senior Citizen Registration Program

South Carolina residents who are 60 years of age or older may enroll in classes at the College of Charleston on a tuition free basis.  In order to participate in this program, senior citizens must first be admitted to the College of Charleston.  Please see the Office of Admissions Senior Citizen website for additional information on the admissions process.

Once a students has been admitted, they may participate in one of the following registration options:

Registration for Credit During the Full Semester Drop/Add Week

Students who are planning to take an undergraduate or graduate course for credit only may register for courses, on a seat available basis, during the semester drop/add period.  Students may register via MyCharleston, schedule an appointment with an academic department, visit the Office of Admissions, the Graduate School, or the Office of the Registrar.  Courses registered during this time period may not be changed from credit to audit at a later date.  The Spring 2019 drop/add period ends on January 14, 2019.  Courses added during this period may not be dropped after this date.  Students who do not intend to complete the course should withdraw from the course prior to the semester withdrawal deadline.

Registration by phone is not permitted.  Registration course additions by email is not permitted.

Registration for Audit or Credit During Senior Citizen Registration Event

Senior Citizens may register for courses (both audit or credit) on a seat availability basis during two specific days designated by the College.  These days will typically be the two business days following the last day of the full semester drop/add period.  The Spring Senior Citizen Registration Event will take place on January 15 and 16, 2019.  Students can preview the course offerings for the semester by using the Course Section and Schedule Search or the Look Up Classes feature in the Registration Tools channel on the Academic Services tab in MyCharleston.  Volunteers will be available to assist students with the registration process. 

Senior Citizen Program Registration Event Guidelines

  • Per state law guidelines, students will be able to register for courses in which seats are available.  
  • Departmental or faculty registration is not permitted. 
  • Overrides for seat capacity or with the permission of the instructor are not permitted.  
  • Registration by phone is not permitted.  Registration course additions by email is not permitted.
  • Students who register for courses during the Senior Citizen Registration Event will have a one week drop/add period.  All schedule adjustments must be made during this time period.  The Spring 2018 Senior Citizen Registration Event drop/add deadline is January 23, 2019.   After this deadline, students who do not intend to complete a course should withdraw from the course prior to the semester withdrawal deadline.  Withdrawal requests can be completed by contacting the Office of the Registrar in writing (

Graduate Courses for Audit or Credit

Only Senior Citizens who have been accepted to the Graduate School as a degree or non-degree seeking student may take graduate-level courses.  Applications to the Graduate School must adhere to the admissions requirements listed for the desired program in the Graduate Catalog, including deadlines.  

Senior Citizens will not be allowed to register for graduate courses (audit or credit) if they do not have a current graduate matriculation at the College of Charleston.  Exceptions may not be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take undergraduate and graduate courses in the same semester?

No, you may only take courses consistent with your current student level.

Are there specific courses that cannot be taken for audit?

Yes, certain courses are excluded from the audit process.  Exclusions include, but may not be limited to, studio arts, music performance, creative writing, seminars, and computer science.

If I am taking a course for audit, do I need to take the tests and complete the required assignments?

Faculty may set attendance and/or other requirements for audit students; an audit may be revoked if the student does not comply with these requirements.  Consult with your professor.

Can I repeat a course I have already taken?

Students must complete and submit a Repeat Course Request form prior to repeating a course.  This form is available on the Office of the Registrar's website.  All courses are subject to the College of Charleston Course Repetition policies.  Per the School of the Arts, students may not repeat a studio arts course, even if the content is different.

Can I sit in a class without being on the class roster?

No.  Students may attend a course only if they are officially registered in the course and appear on the instructor’s official course roster.  Faculty, Program Directors, and Department Chairs do not have the authority to permit students to attend a course for which they are not registered.  This requirement applies to students who intend to earn course credit and to students who intend to audit a course. 

I am only auditing a course.  I'm not an official College of Charleston student, right?

Senior citizens who are admitted and register for a course (audit or credit) are College of Charleston students.

Can I take more than one course?


Can I take one course for credit and another for audit?


Can I register a friend or relative for a course?

No.  Only the student can register for courses.

Where can I get assistance with my MyCharleston account?

Please contact Help Desk at 843.953.3375 or email

Where can I find a copy of the College of Charleston catalog?

Please visit