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Graduation Update

Students should complete the Graduation Update form if they have already completed the Graduation Application, but need to update graduation information such as expected graduation term, diploma mailing address or if their major, minor, concentration or degree program has changed since applying to graduate. Students who have applied to graduate will not be able to use the Program of Study Management (POSM) system to make any changes to their program of study---they must complete a Graduation Update form.  Any address change other than a diploma mailing address change should be made via MyCharleston by the student.

Students are responsible for informing the Office of the Registrar of any changes to their graduation information promptly using the Graduation Update form.

Students who make a mistake in determining their expected graduation term will need to complete and submit the Graduation Update form before being eligible to register for future courses. To expedite processing, please be sure the form is complete and signed. Forms may be brought to the Office of the Registrar or faxed to 843.953.6560.

Please direct questions about graduation, diplomas or commencement to: Graduation Area – Office of the Registrar.  You can view your submitted active application for graduation via your MyCharleston account by following this path:  Academic Services/Banner Self-Service/Student/Student Records/View Application to Graduate.  



Graduation = Completion of all requirements for a degree program.

There are three graduation terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer (which includes Maymester, May Evening, and all Summer terms)

The Graduation Application is term specific.  Apply for the term in which you will complete your last required coursework.

There are two commencement ceremonies: December (a.k.a. Fall/Mid-Year) and May (a.k.a. Spring).  Participation is assumed, but not required. Once a student applies and is pre-cleared to graduate in the eligible term, his/her name will appear on the commencement lists.