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Graduation Status Notification


Students who apply to graduate for either the fall or spring terms will be e-mailed Graduation Status Notifications during their expected graduation* term. These e-mails will be sent exclusively to the student's college-issued email accounts (i.e., so it is imperative that students check their account often. Notices will not be sent to non-college-issued e-mail accounts. Note: Students who fail to apply to graduate will not receive a Graduation Status Notification. For problems with a college-issued e-mail account, please contact Student Computing Support Services for assistance.

Students graduating in either the fall or spring term who do not receive a Graduation Status Notification e-mail at least 30 days prior to graduation should contact the graduation area of the Office of the Registrar for assistance. The Graduation Status Notification informs students of their graduation status and commencement eligibility. Click here for additional information and links regarding either the December or May commencement ceremony.

SUMMER GRADUATES (includes Maymester, May Evening and all summer parts of term)

All students must apply to graduate, however, students who apply to graduate in the Summer term will usually only receive notification if they are NOT on target to graduate as planned. Applications should be submitted before the term begins. Students should consult their advisor and review the degree audit to confirm they are on target to graduate in the term for which they apply.

*The term a student will complete his/her last course(s) required to graduate (see COMMENCEMENT page for information about ceremony participation).

Graduation Status

A graduation status of Preliminarily Cleared (aka: pre-cleared) indicates that a student is on track to graduate as planned providing successful completion of all coursework in progress,** including, if applicable, any work still incomplete from prior terms, any pending transfer, NSEP or INST credits and maintaining a 2.000 or higher GPA overall, in the major and, if applicable, in the minor. Students with this status will be on all of the Office of the Registrar's graduation and commencement lists.

If you are on target for graduation as planned and you applied by the deadline, your email will be sent to you approximately 3-5 weeks prior to the end of the term; after the last day to withdraw.  Only students who have properly applied to graduate (on time or late) will receive a notification by email. 

A graduation status of Not Preliminarily Cleared (aka: not pre-cleared) requires that the student resolve any/all problems as soon as possible. Please read the notification carefully and follow the instructions. If the error is simply a mistake in completing the Graduation Application (i.e. need to change expected graduation term), please complete a Graduation Update form. This form must be submitted and processed *before* a student will be able to register for future terms. If assistance is needed please contact the Office of the Registrar.

If you are not on target to graduate as planned, your Graduation Status Notification email will be sent as early as possible during the semester and may be sent more than once.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact our office for assistance if needed and to make us aware of any pending changes or exceptions to your academic record or to properly update their graduation information via the Graduation Update form.  Non-precleared students who successfully resolve their situation do not need to reapply to graduate.  Pay careful attention to the instructions in emails you may receive from the Office of the Registrar.

**through expected graduation term


Graduation = Completing all requirements for a degree program

There are three graduation terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer (which includes Maymester, May Evening, and all Summer terms)

The Graduation Application is term specific.  Apply for the term in which you will complete your last required coursework.

Commencement = Ceremony

There are two commencement ceremonies: December (a.k.a. Fall/Mid-Year)and May (a.k.a. Spring) Participation is assumed but not required. Once a student applies and is pre-cleared to graduate in the eligible term, his/her name will appear on the commencement lists.