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Content, Dimensions and Material

Name Printed on Diploma

The full legal name of the graduate, as it is on record at the College of Charleston, will be printed on the diploma.   The name will be truncated (i.e., middle initial rather than spelled out) in most places on MyCharleston.  However, after submitting their application, a student may check the name on record that will be printed on their diploma by going to the "View Application to Graduate" link in MyCharleston (Academic Services tab>Student folder>Student Records folder>View Application to Graduate).

When a student applies to graduate online via MyCharleston (before deadline), they will be shown on the application exactly how their name will be printed on the diploma.  If the name shown on that screen is not correct or needs to be changed (i.e., due to change in legal name, missing middle name or suffix, or other error) the student must contact the Office of the Registrar for additional assistance, but may go ahead and submit their application.  In most cases, an official Legal Name Change/Correction form will be required.  If the Office of the Registrar has already ordered the diploma and a change is requested, the graduate will need to request the name change, and then order a replacement diploma, paying any current fees required.

Seal and Ribbon

Included in the mailing tube with a student's diploma will be a satin ribbon and the gold foil seal of the College of Charleston. Also included is a document detailing how these items should be placed on the diploma. If any item is missing, students may contact the Office of the Registrar for replacement.

Majors and Honors

Major(s) and Latin honors (if applicable) are listed on the diploma (BA/BS/BPS). PLEASE NOTE: AB (Latin) diplomas will not have the major listed. Minors and concentrations are not printed on the diploma, but are printed on the transcript. Information regarding earning more than one degree is available in the Undergraduate Catalogs beginning with the 2008-09 Catalog (see Second Bachelor's Degree Policy under Academic Regulations).


College of Charleston undergraduate diplomas are among the largest in the country at 20" long by 16" wide. These diplomas are made of archival quality parchment paper – not sheepskin.


Diplomas are signed** by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, the President, the Provost, and also by the current school deans and department chairs.

**Facsimile signatures printed on each diploma.

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Distribution (Mailing)

Diplomas will be mailed to the diploma mailing address listed on the Graduation Application 6 to 8 weeks following degree conferral.  Contact the Office of the Registrar at if you have questions about when diplomas are mailed.

Students should make sure that their account is current and that their Diploma Mailing Address (as listed on your Graduation Application) is correct before leaving the College to avoid delays in receiving their diploma.  Diplomas will not be ordered or mailed to graduates who have outstanding financial holds. A small past due amount can result in a significant delay in receipt of your diploma.  Please check your eBill and contact the Treasurer’s Office if you have questions about financial holds on your record.

Mailing Information

Students specify their Diploma Mailing Address when they apply to graduate. This address should be an address where the graduate can receive mail up to 12 weeks after graduation. Students are advised to check their Diploma Mailing Address on MyCharleston before leaving the College to ensure accuracy. Students may review the address by signing on to their MyCharleston account and following this path: Academic Services, Banner Self-Service, Student, Student Records, View Application to Graduate.  If the address needs to be changed, please use one of the following methods:

  • Submit a Graduation Update form to the Office of the Registrar (must be signed by the graduate)
  • E-mail (for security purposes, e-mailed address updates will only be accepted from students' official college-issued email accounts (i.e.

All diplomas, including those mailed to addresses outside the U.S., are mailed in sealed cardboard tubes via the U.S. Postal Service. Included in the tube is the diploma, a satin ribbon, the gold foil seal of the College of Charleston and a letter with instructions for ribbon and seal placement.

Diploma Problems

If any of the following are applicable, please contact the Graduation Area of the Registrar's Office for assistance. 

  • you did not receive your diploma or
  • your diploma arrived damaged or
  • your diploma is missing the ribbon/seal or
  • your diploma is not accurate

Damaged or misprinted diplomas must be returned before they can be replaced and a special re-order form will be required.  This form is available upon request.

Replacement Diplomas

Undergraduate alumni may request a replacement diploma by downloading and submitting the Diploma Replacement form along with payment by check.  Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing.

Graduate alumni may request a replacement diploma by submitting a Graduate Diploma Replacement form along with payment to the Graduate School.

The replacement diploma fee is $25 (subject to change without notice).  The signature of the graduate is required since this is an official document.  Expedited processing is available for an additional fee.  Diplomas may be notarized for an additional processing fee of $15.  Contact for information and required forms.

Diplomas will be reproduced on the engraver's current paper stock using current faculty signatures.   In other words, the replacement diploma may not be an exact duplicate of the original.  However, the diploma will match your official academic record on file (name, degree, major, and conferral date).  All replacement diplomas are 20" x 16". 

Degree Verification (Proof of Graduation)

Employers, consulates and other entities may order a Degree Verification from the National Student Clearinghouse to certify that a person has graduated from the College of Charleston. If diploma notarization is needed, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

Multiple Majors or Degrees

Diplomas are ordered by degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS), or Artium Baccalaureatus (AB). Students will receive one diploma per degree*** earned. If a student completes two (or more) majors on the same degree in the same term, all majors will be included on one diploma (note: majors are not listed on the AB degree). Degrees earned for each major are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.  Minors, concentrations, emphases, etc., are included on the transcript, but are not listed on the diploma.

***Additional diplomas will not be ordered for students completing a second major in a different term from the first; the second major will be noted on the transcript but a second diploma will not be issued. Students who choose to complete the requirements for two programs normally offered under different degrees, but have less than 153 earned hours, will receive one diploma; typically the degree type defaults in this order, AB/BS/BA. The AB degree replaces the degree type normally associated with the program of study/studies without regard to the number of hours earned.   Information regarding earning more than one degree is available in the Undergraduate Catalogs beginning with the 2008-09 Catalog (see Second Bachelor's Degree Policy under Academic Regulations).

Contact if you have applied to graduate and have specific questions regarding your diploma or to discuss any unusual circumstances regarding diplomas for multiple majors/degrees.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Office of the Registrar, Graduation Area
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424

Physical Address

Office of the Registrar
160 Calhoun Street
Suite 281
Charleston, SC 29401





E-mail (for security purposes, student specific inquiries will only be accepted from official college-issued email accounts (i.e.