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Commencement Ceremony - Undergraduate

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility and Options

Only students who apply to graduate for the eligible term will be audited for program of study completion to determine ceremony eligibility.  Students may participate in either the December or May commencement ceremony following completion of all graduation requirements.  The December ceremony is held at the TD Arena.  The May ceremonies are held on the Cistern Yard.  Specific details regarding the ceremonies can be found on the Senior Information website.

Follow the guidelines below to determine graduation application term and ceremony eligibility.  Applicants must be pre-cleared to graduate for the eligible term.  Questions regarding ceremony eligibility should be directed to

  • Summer applicants: Eligible for December (of same year) ceremony or May (of the following year) ceremony
  • Fall applicants: Eligible for December (of same year) ceremony or May (of the following year) ceremony
  • Spring applicants: Eligible for May (of same year) ceremony

Since ceremony participation is assumed, applicants for graduation who are eligible for commencement do not need to inform our office of their commencement intentions, but may do so via the Graduation Application. Telling us your ceremony intention helps us to prepare for the event but does not change your eligibility to participate.  Graduation candidates and their families can stay up-to-date about commencement information by bookmarking and checking the Senior Information website often.

Note: Ceremony information is subject to change.  See the Senior Information website for the most accurate information concerning specific ceremony information.


Students graduating with more than one major (if being completed in the same term) may choose the major with which they would like to participate and all pre-cleared majors will be noted in the Commencement Program.

Students may only participate in one ceremony and must choose the eligible ceremony they prefer when they pick up their tickets.  Students may not participate with schools/majors other than their own.  Visit the Senior Information website to determine the date and time of the ceremony for your school.

Latin Honors Recognition at Commencement

Latin honors recognized at commencement are presumptive and are based on the cumulative GPA that the student has earned in the term prior to the graduation term (i.e., before graduation term grades are posted).

Students who do not meet honors requirements until after all grades are in for their graduation term, will not be recognized for honors in the commencement program. Actual honors earned will be noted on both the transcript and on the diploma once all grades are recorded.

Students who graduate in the fall (or summer) of the year prior to the ceremony and walk in May will have their actual honors earned recognized. Students who are allowed to participate in the ceremony by petition/exception will not be recognized for honors.

Exceptions to Ceremony Participation Eligibility

In some circumstances, a student may participate in a ceremony before he/she is eligible to do so. The faculty will allow this by petition if the student meets certain strict requirements. Click Petition to Participate for more information.


Tickets are required for guest admission to both the December and May ceremonies.  Each graduation candidate will be eligible to receive a limited number of complimentary guest tickets to attend a ceremony.  Additional non-ticketed guest seating is available for the May graduation ceremonies in our satellite venues not far from the Cistern Yard.  Ceremony ticket details can be found on the Senior Information website.