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Faculty/Staff Room Request


Faculty/Staff reservation requests must be received at least 3 working business days in advance of the proposed event. Advanced planning is strongly encouraged to allow time for the Office of the Registrar to provide the most accommodating classroom. Failure to provide all requested information may result in a delay of processing.

Student Life Reservations

Request a space reserved by the Office of Student Life:

  • Stern Student Center
  • Physicians Memorial Auditorium
  • Physicians Promenade
  • Cougar Plaza
  • Rivers Green
  • Education Center Lobby

Classroom Spaces

All faculty/staff events will be assigned to a classroom building that will accommodate their request. The Office of the Registrar is not permitted to reserve all of the classroom spaces on campus. If a classroom is requested that the Office of the Registrar cannot reserve, you will receive a follow-up email. If a smart classroom (computer and projector capabilities) is required for your event, please address this need in the section labeled “Classroom Preferences”.

It is your responsibility to make arrangements for access to a classroom.
Note: A copy of your email confirmation can be forwarded to for classroom access. Staff members are free to contact the Office of the Registrar for a classroom code. Faculty members have access via MyCharleston to see a listing of classroom access information; please do not share this information with students.
Public Safety does reserve the right to decline a door opening request, if the request is for a space that is easily accessible by a faculty or staff member, i.e. one with a classroom access code.

Faculty/Staff Responsibilities for Classroom Use

When you leave the classroom remember to:

    1. return desks and chairs, etc. to their original seating configuration;

    2. erase boards (chalk, dry-erase, Ideapaint);

    3. turn off lights; and

    4. close classroom doors; classrooms with technology should be locked with the exception of those without an access code pad.

If you teach in a smart classroom, please also:

    1. log off the computer;

    2. turn off the projector;

    3. put all controls into the right-side cabinet; and

    4. lock the cabinet. (We’ve had problems with theft of everything from CPU’s to controls, and also unauthorized people have been getting into the computers and tampering with programs). If you need a teacher station key, please request one from your department chair.

If you suspect that the wrong furniture--either number or kind--is in your classroom, please contact Kristen C.B. Hua at

Event Cancellations 

Classroom reservations must be cancelled 48 hours in advance of the event date.

Faculty/Staff Room Request Form

Click Faculty/Staff Room Request to complete and submit a request.