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Form Descriptions

Cross Registration Form

This form is to be used only for those students cross registering under the "Tuition-Free Policy". Faxed forms will not be processed. Student must have already earned 15 hours or more at the home institution before cross-registering (with exceptions for those enrolled in special programs between specific institutions). Courses are available under this program only on a space-available basis; registration occurs at the time designated by the host campus. Cross-Registration is for FALL or SPRING terms only.

In order to qualify, visiting students must:

  • Be enrolled in 12 credit hours at their home institution and pay full-time tuition at their home institution
  • Be in good standing at their home institution and have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.000 on a 4.000 scale
  • Be enrolling in a course or courses not available at their home institution for which they meet the prerequisite requirements and have obtained the required approvals.  Please see list of courses approved to be taken at The Citadel.
  • Present a current, official transcript from their home institution along with this Cross-Registration Form
  • Pay additional special fees, such as science and foreign language lab fees directly to the host institution.

All courses taken at the host campus will be sent to and recorded by the home institution. Students will be awarded transfer credit at home institution for courses with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.

Overload Request

This form should be used for a student to request to take over 18 hours during fall or spring terms. An overload is contingent upon the student completing at least one full semester, earning a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the College of Charleston, and approval of his/her faculty advisor and chair. Completion of this form does not register a student for the course(s) listed; it is the student's responsibility to register after the overload is approved and confirmed via his/her college-issued email account.

Permission to Audit Form

Permission to audit a regular academic course must be received from the instructor teaching the course on a Permission to Audit Request Form. This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the end of the Drop/Add period. A student may switch from grade to audit status or audit to grade status only within the Drop/Add period.

An audit will be recorded on a student's permanent record at the College. Faculty may set attendance and/or other requirements for audit students; an audit may be revoked if the student does not comply with these requirements. Full tuition is charged for audited coursework.  No attempted or earned hours are awarded.

NOTE: No audits are permitted in studio courses or independent study-type courses.

Pass/Fail Request Form

This form MUST be submitted prior to the end of the Drop/Add period.

To earn a pass under the pass-fail option, students must perform at the "C (2.000)" level or above. A grade of "P" carries only earned hours; does not carry quality hours or quality points. A grade of not passing ("NP") will be recorded on the transcript, but will carry no grade points and will not be used in calculating the GPA.

The following restrictions apply:    

  • A student electing the pass-fail option must be in good standing (not on academic probation) and must be of sophomore standing or above.
  • A student electing the pass-fail option must do so at registration by completing a pass-fail option petition (available at the Office of the Registrar), and no change may be made after the drop-add period.
  • No more than 12 credit hours may be taken under the pass-fail option, and no more than one course in any one semester, excluding EDEE 455, EDEE 457, EDEE 459, EDFS 440, and EDFS 460.
  • No course taken on the pass-fail option may be used to satisfy the general education requirements or be taken in one’s major, minor or certificate fields, excluding EDEE 455, EDEE 457, EDEE 459, EDFS 440, and EDFS 460. If a student who completes a course under the pass-fail option later changes his/her major and that course is required for the major, he/she may petition the department for the course to be accepted.
  • No course may be repeated on a pass-fail option. A course for which the “P” has been received may not be repeated.