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Phone:  843.953.5668

Fax:  843.953.6560

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Office of the Registrar
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424

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160 Calhoun Street
Suite 281
Charleston, SC 29401

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E-mail Contacts

Meet our Staff Teams


Mary C. Bergstrom, Registrar

Customer Service

Pamela Mauldin, Office Manager

Brittany Johnson, Customer Service Representative

Lisa Waller, Transcript Coordinator

Transfer Credit

Dawn Bare, Associate Registrar for Transfer Evaluation

Anna Goodwin, Transfer Credit Evaluation Specialist

Zach Swan, Assistant Registrar for New Student Transfer Evaluation

Sarah Okawa Sweat, Assistant Registrar for Continuing Student Transfer Evaluation

Student Records and Graduation

Julie Dahl, Associate Registrar for Student Records

Terri Selbe, Assistant Registrar for Graduation

Kelly Mielke, Graduation Coordinator

Ashton Basar, Records Scanning and Indexing Specialist

Laetitia Sobiesuo, Associate Registrar for Records Retention and Grading

Registration, Scheduling, Lawful Presence, and Catalogs

Cheryl Chapman, Associate Registrar for Registration and Scheduling

Jennifer Amos, Registration and Scheduling Assistant

Kristen C. B. Hua, Assistant Registrar for Registration and Scheduling

Franklin Czwazka, Catalog Manager

TBD, Lawful Presence Assistant

Student Services and Operations

TBN, Senior Associate Registrar

Jerry Mackeldon, Degree Works Specialist

Tom Buchheit, Associate Director of Student Systems Security, Access, and Training

David Leslie, Program of Study Management (POSM) Data Entry